The A2Z Smart Music Group has many options for both beginning singers and pros.  If you are just getting started the first thing you need to do is determine the best method for your learning experience.  We have something to offer everyone, just a matter of deciding what will work best for you!

Hard Copy Book/CD

If you prefer to hold a hard copy book in your hand (without having to print it first), then you want to visit The Bookstore.

You might also want to check out our Bargain Basement as you will find some amazing deals in this department.

Download Singing Lessons

If you prefer to download singing lessons to your computer (written and/or audio material) then you have a few places to choose from:

(1) Download Center- Order via Paypal at and at the end of your order process you will receive links to download your order. Most of our programs include a written book or guidebook, .mp3 files, and interactive software.  

(2) A2Z Smart Music Academy Download and Go Center - The A2Z Smart Music Academy offers downloads too..the difference in ordering through the academy is you get one year free access to the online version of your ordered course.  You also have to log in to the Academy to download your program after registration.

(3) - On this site you can download programs using ClickBank as your payment processor.  Please note that after purchase you will be required to log into the A2Z Smart Music Academy to download your program.  

Online School Web-Based Training

If you are looking for more of a long-term solution we highly recommend registering with the A2Z Smart Music Academy where you get access to the entire library of SingSmart Training Tools. Different levels of Academy Registration provide download/print benefits.  Also if you are only looking for vocal exercises, consider the Vocal Exercise Pass which provides access to our unique and expansive vocal warm up and workout center.

Virtual World Hands On Training

If you need more of a hand's on and visual experience, you may want to consider joining us at our Virtual Academy on where we have examples and lessons provided with 3D examples and unique illustrations that could not be done anywhere else.

Private Lessons

Coach Yvonne, the founder of the A2Z Smart Music Group, A2Z Smart Music Academy and creator of the SingSmart, Not Hard TM Method and related training materials is available for private lessons via SKYPE, although lesson spots are limited.

You can also find Vocal Coaches in your area by visiting our Vocal Coach Link Directory.

Support Available to Point You in the Right Direction

Still have questions? Submit a support ticket with information about your singing experience and what you believe your needs are and we will help you determine the best starting point for you!