The A2Z Smart Music Group is dedicated to providing music education to everyone, even those on a budget.  

Below please find a list of our free singing lesson resources:

(1) A2Z Singing Tips - This site provides free singing tips on the site as well as an option to sign up for weekly singing tips and lessons delivered to your email.

(2) Singing Lessons A2Z - This site provides free singing lessons in the form of detailed articles (look in left column) as well as resources to purchase affordable singing lesson items and vocal health resources.

(3) A2Z Smart Music Web Academy - Our online music school provides free weekly singing tips delivered via email, as well as a free trial to our entire online school via a guest pass...well, almost.  The fee for a guest registration is $1.00.

(4) A2Z Smart Music Virtual Academy - Our virtual academy as of May 2015 is entirely free.  It is a unique experience and recommended to all singers as you will find the interactive and 3D experience not only interesting but helpful in improving your singing voice.  To visit our virtual academy you need to sign up with SecondLife (free accounts available). Once you are logged in click this link to teleport to the academy: SecondLife the Academy is also referred to as A2Z Nashville Music Academy, simply because the Academy is housed in a recreation of the new Nashville Expo and Convention Center.  If you love Nashville, you will experience dejavu when you visit!