What is the SingSMART, Not Hard TM  Vocal Training Method and How is it Different?  

The SingSMART™ Vocal Training Method teaches singers to use, maintain and increase their skill level like any other musician, through knowledge, practice and creative expression. Your voice IS an instrument and when treated as such, your progress will be much, much faster!

Many singing methods and vocal trainers provide information to you little bits at a time. Some relying a great deal on your own personal discovery through MIMICKRY of their singing. It's not their fault. Most teachers get so little time with their students, it's difficult to share all the available knowledge while also preparing for vocal performances.

Fortunately, THERE IS A BETTER WAY...the SingSMART™ way! YOU can take control! By learning to OBSERVE, IDENTIFY and ADJUST your own actions and sound, you can make the most of your unique and beautiful instrument.

In singing you are going to have many moments of discovery, but the ones we treasure the most are those achieved during satisfying performances. These organized lessons will give you the knowledge, and therefore the power, to reach whatever singing goals you have...and reach them faster.

Song performances will become exciting personal challenges instead of stressful guessing games. Think about it. Why should you learn the HARD WAY when you can learn to SING SMART™? The TEN STEPS to SINGING SUCCESS™, the core of the SingSMART, Not Hard™ Vocal Training Method, are organized to help you reach your full potential. That full potential includes multi-tasking three areas of expertise, three hats if you will, that singers must coordinate to be at their absolute best:

Singers are Vocal Athletes, Artists and Intellectual Musicians.


Singing Lessons - BodyBODY

Singing well requires a balance of airflow, muscle coordination, strength and stamina.

If you were learning to play a sport you would learn all the rules before you hit the court or field, right? The same is true for singing -- you may not be able to execute everything from the get go, but understanding your goals will help you get there a lot faster. The SingSMART™ courses walk you through step-by-step.


Singing Lessons - Singers are ArtistsSPIRIT

Creating and sharing your signature voice requires creative expression and communication.

The voice is an instrument. If you understand how your voice operates and practice its manipulation, you can sound however you want...and if you are willing to truly share yourself, you have some amazing experiences ahead of you.

Learning to express yourself freely, with confidence, is part of the artist's journey. Music is the language of both self-expression and self-esteem. We'll show you how to gain the confidence to truly convey your unique and personal artful message.

Are you ready to be an artist, to create and share your signature voice?


Singing Lessons - The Intellectual AspectMIND

In the words of DaVinci: "Art is never completed, only abandoned."

Intellectually speaking, singing falls into both the science and art category. In our case, the more we study the science of singing, the more we will be able to freely express our art. As we grow and learn, so will our skills and artful delivery of song evolve.

The Sing Smart, Not Hard™ Vocal Training and Singing Lesson Tools will walk you through these ideas very clearly. Work to understand the concept and then practice the ACTION. Don't try to do too much at one time. Build a strong foundation as you hone each skill, one step at a time. ENJOY the PROCESS. There is no right or wrong in singing, simply better or worse choices. Celebrate your good choices and practice away the bad ones. It's that easy.

How Can you Begin working with the SingSmart, Not Hard Vocal Training Method?

Much of what you need to know about singing can be learned through the available SingSmart Vocal Training Materials. It saves you money and allows you to owrk at your own pace. But don't worry..if you need a little one-on-one with the Coach, you can get that too.

There are several ways to get started! Pick the one that is best for you:

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